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Friday, March 20, 2009

Star Trekkin'

We introduced our kids to Star Trek. We started by watching the original series on Netflix instantly. We've had mixed results, mostly due to the salt-sucking monster in the very first episode. It scared the younger kids a bit.

But the older kids, especially Andrew, are up to the fifth episode. It's better than I remembered it from when I was a kid. The special effects and acting aren't as bad as the cliches make them out to be. It's been fun to show the kids where the sci-fi genre pretty much got its start. The only other sci-fi series I could think of that pre-dates it is the old black & white Buck Rogers serials they played in the movie theaters. Given the context in which it debuted, I'm not suprised it has such a following.

Of course, it can't compete with American Idol, which Tim and Allison prefer. We've also enjoyed that. We even tape it when we can't watch it live. I must say, for those of you following the show, that Adam Lambert's rendition of "Ring of Fire" was much more to my liking the second time we watched it. The kids agreed with Simon.


  1. I'm impressed it's better than you remembered it. Usually those types of things go the other way.

  2. Did you really write this at 4:48 AM?!

  3. We're surprised Adam survived that performance. Granted it was kind of Led Zepplin-ish, so maybe that appealed to his fans (which he must have)., Maybe if the chorus hadn't returned to the original, Country-Western sounding, chords? Overall, it was too much for us. We don't have a favorite yet, but we didn't want Jasamine to get cut already. We'll probably get behind someone as it goes on.