Life is like a roller-coaster ride: It can be thrilling or it can be frightening. The difference is in you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Work in progress

As you may have noticed, we've updated our blog's appearance. The title "Happily Ever After" captured well our joy and enthusiasm for life, but seemed a little too happy.

"Little Did He Know..." is inspired by the movie "Stranger Than Fiction". I highly reccomend it (but with clearplay or something to edit out the PG-13ness). Emily and I thought it well portrays how we have gone through our life together with this unseen voice telling us what's going to happen next, if we'll just listen to it. The narrator knows the big picture and reveals clues to us as we go so as to not spoil the ending or deny us experiences that will help us grow. It's not a perfect analogy, but it's late.

The roller coaster expresses the fact that we can choose to be happy even through our trials, not just because we are naively unaware of them.

Next time, I'll get into the meat of what's going on in our lives. But here's a hint: Can you be a BYU fan and a Utah fan at the same time?


  1. Actually, I liked your old title. I love how the Germans occasionally finish a fairy tale: Und wenn sie noch leben so sind sie gluecklich--And if they are still alive, they are happy. Happily ever after isn't just a Pollyanna additude, it's a goal. I think we're all working on it.

  2. You're going to graduate school, aren't you? Ellen and Jason are BYU and Utah fans, so it is possible; it's all in your attitude.

  3. welcome to blog-hood! i've been feeling the need to know more about what's going on in your life. so yay!